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Kosmic Gaming

Kosmic Gaming --={Direwolf20 1.10}=--


Very friendly server where you can play DireWolf with others. Active and helpful community that logs in several hours a day. We pride ourselves on being very dedicated. We are always open to suggestions and look forward to having new players to play and talk with.

Server Specs:
DELL PowerEdge T20
Intel Xeon® E3-1225v3
Quad-Core, 4x 3.6 GHz
Connection 1 Gbit/s
2 512 gb ssd
Unlimited Bandwidth


Come have some fun with us!

I was banned from the discord server and FTB servers throughout, for informing the owner about a DW20 server update that he could have done. He then went on to saying that he would appreciate a donation and I informed him about my personal status on money and that I wont be able to. He then went on to saying hi lived in a car at a truck stop but he is able to sustain the server. There for I was banned for giving update information and not donating. I don't recommend the server, the owner won't stop complaining about life and takes it out on other people. Very unprofessional. They also go against EULA agreements.
Posted 7th Mar 2017
Great smaller server with a great staff, as long as you are respectful with the staff and don't spam chat you'll get along here just fine! Staff will help you out as much as they can as well as the members who are around all times of the day.
Posted 5th Jan 2017
Seems as if the server owner has some personal issues and takes it out on new people. Also don't bother responding to him you'll hurt his feelings :( Don't do that.
The server replied:
This player got upset because I asked him to read the signs at spawn to answer his question. Then regardless of his constant curse words and abuse I still did not ban him. Sorry I asked you to read buddy. Have a wonderful day.
Posted 18th Dec 2016